In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :

Vehicles industry ranked as one of the largest industry business in the world. A car production process provides five direct employment opportunities and each direct job provides five indirect jobs. The booming of this industry leads to the growth and development of other industries such as petrochemicals, steel and electronics.
From this perspective, ZSCO aimed to be one of the largest companies in Iraq and the regional when it was established in 2013. ZSCO was able to build partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / State Company for Automotive Industry to establish a complex of specialized factories for the production of cars with an area of 340 thousand square meters

1- Saloon cars production plant was established in cooperation with international companies. The plant consists of four production lines; it’s a plant of 120.000 cars as a production capacity per year. The factory providing 3,000 direct jobs for the country’s citizens and more than 15,000 indirect jobs.

2 – Production of trucks in cooperation with Volvo Sweden and Isuzu Japan, with a capacity of 5000 trucks annually. The plant provides 1000 direct jobs and 3,000 indirect jobs

3 -Factory of specialized bodies and structures installed on produced trucks in cooperation with international companies specialized in this field. The factory provided 500 direct jobs and 1,500 indirect jobs.

Our Customers

The main path and the frontage of our work, we rely on our employees to deliver our core values, and day after day we understand why we recruit the best in different fields.

We welcome employees from different backgrounds and nationalities providing to them a training programs according to the highest international standards. We select friendly, enthusiastic and ready to help staff. we have worked hard to develop a distinguished team of professionals who have the knowledge, experience and skills to ensure that we provide exceptional service to our customers.

To be proactive in building relationship with our customers, we are inspired by experiences of reputed international companies which represent best brands around the globe. We have relied on the entrepreneurial spirit which we have, our vision which is based on leadership in the work, and on the competence and professionalism of our staff to apply initiatives and start implementing the Loyalty Program and Corporate Social Responsibility Program as newly applied ideas in Iraq,

This project led to the accession of Iraq to the list of countries of cars production, fulfilling the ambitious dream of producing cars in Iraq. It is expected that a group of complementary industries also develop, like manufacturing of glass, exhaust, rubber, tires, batteries and the list goes on …
This group of factories is a gateway to heavy industries that ensure the self-reliance and independence of the society in Iraq.